• Robin Miller

    Practitioner of Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health

  • Robin's Offerings

    The following mental, physical and spiritual supports may be accessed as

    stand-alone pathways or integrated for fuller, holistic care.

    Tree with Sun

    Navigating Relationships with Self & Others

    All Parts Welcome

    I utilize a non–pathologizing, empowering, self-led model of transformation called Internal Family Systems - IFS, developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz, focuses on how our subpersonalities relate to each other and how we can understand and navigate their roles and inner relationships, all while strengthening our ability to be self-led and improve inner qualities including perspective, confidence, compassion, and acceptance.

    • IFS works for individuals, couples, and families.
    • IFS invites the therapist and client to enter into a transformational relationship in which healing can occur.
    • IFS is rooted in self compassion and ways to understanding the different parts of oneself.
    • IFS is effective in dealing with all kinds and levels of trauma
    medical medium

    Health Coaching Support

    Create new relationships with food

    As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I help clients get to the root of body imbalances that result in “dis-ease.” You will learn how to safely cleanse toxins and pathogens from your system – all through a new relationship with food, herbs and natural supplements.

    • This approach addresses acute and chronic symptoms
    • Your health will be elevated through high vibe foods
    • You will be introduced to the Medical Medium  Healing Pathway
    Spiritual and Energy Healing

    Spiritual & Energy Systems

    Light, Love, Soul Activation, Ascension, and more

    As a light worker, I focus on soul elevating, heart-centered work that helps clients balance their energy field, raise their spiritual vibration, and resonate in peace and love.


    I draw from a number of different modalities. Primary offerings include the following approaches:


    The Callahan Techniques® Thought Field Therapy delivers a brief effective psychotherapy for the rapid and natural healing of negative emotions and psychological problems. It "balances the bodies energy system, promoting natural healing and improved mental health." As a TFT Advanced Practitioner, I work with clients to move from general TFT algorithms to individualized algorithms specific to your body's own healing ability.


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    Emotion Code Therapy - The premise of The Emotion Code™ is that the energy of past emotions can literally become trapped in your body, affecting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Working with the knowledge of the human energy field, the Emotion Code™ helps to remove these negative energies.


    Additional offerings include the following in person practices:

    • Meditation
    • Breathwork
    • Kundalini Yoga
    • Mantra, chanting & other sound vibration
    • Reiki 1 & 2
  • About Robin Miller

    Compassion & Presence

    Robin J Miller - RobinMillerWellness

    My role as a healer involves scanning your life circumstances and understanding your story. We all experience interferences that disrupt the full manifestation of Self. Whether the origins of disruption are physical, emotional, spiritual, or some combination of these factors, I attune to your circumstances and help you take steps to restore and balance your health and well-being. All you need as a starting point is a “yes” to healing.


    In working with me, you are invited to walk through any door that beckons you (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.). I can serve you as a health/nutritional coach, a mental health therapist, or as a yoga teacher and spiritual guide. I will also invite you to embrace an integrated approach to healing so I can best serve your health outcomes through all of these modalities. I believe that at our core there is a desire to heighten inner peace, expand conscious awareness, and raise our energetic and spiritual vibration (sometimes referred to as the ascension process).


    Through my own health challenges, inward journeying, and life-long commitment to learning and advancing my skills as a healing practitioner, I strive to sustain the highest version of myself that is grounded in emotional centeredness, physical vitality, and spiritual resonance. It is from my heart center that I am called to offer holistic and complementary practices to those seeking to minimize stresses and ignite their healing from the inside out. I invite you to read more about my current offerings and ways for us to begin a relationship around your healing journey.

    Robin Miller Wellness

    Trainings & Accreditations

    • NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor
    • Internal Family Systems Level 1 & 2
    • Trauma Treatment Certification
    • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
    • Member of the Official Medical Medium Practitioners Group
    • Thought Field Therapy (TFT) –Advanced Practitioner (original form of tapping)
    • Emotion Code Certified
    • Reiki 1 & 2
    • KRI Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher
  • Published Health Articles

    by Robin Miller

    Unburdening the Next Generation

    Natural Awakenings Magazine

    May 2019

    Detoxing with Food

    Natural Awakenings Magazine

    May 2019

  • Testimonials

    What Robin's Clients are Saying....

    Thank you for helping me heal some of my layers of anxiety and migraines with TFT!

    In the winter of 2018, I was laid off from a job. As the sole bread winner, I become stressed with finances when work is not regular. During my lay-off, I worked with Robin over the phone and in person. She determined a general tapping sequence that matched my issues and I practiced it every morning and night. On specific days when I needed more support, Robin did an individual assessment and led me through a specific tapping sequence. I found much relief for my anxiety and stress with TFT. This process also helped identify foods that were contributing to my migraines of more than ten years.


    I know the TFT shortened the time I was unemployed because I was able to remain calm and confident through the process. I got a job in two months! I continue to tap to work on reducing my anxiety further and remain committed to a diet of foods that will completely heal my migraines – B from Ridgefield, CT

    Robin’s compassion and commitment to supporting my healing has aided my transformation into living my fullest life.

    I will start by saying just how hard it is to put into words the impact working with Robin has had on me and my family. She is an intuitive healer. She is accepting and patient while also unafraid to stretch my husband and me outside the bounds of our defenses and guide us to our true Selves.


    Robin is well versed in the Medical Medium pathways and she shares information on nutrition, herbs and supplements with compassion and expertise. Following Robin’s nutrition coaching, I have made strides in healing a long list of symptoms that include depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, bloating, poor digestion, stomach pains, acne, brain fog, memory difficulties, chronic dizziness, and painful, swollen, and aching joints.


    She also helped my son since birth. He had eczema and almost all evidence of vitiligo that was spreading rapidly. Robin helped us with Medical Medium information and his issues cleared. He’s now four and has never needed any pharmaceuticals from the doctor or over the counter.


    Blending IFS, tapping, yoga, meditation and other modalities of healing, Robin also helps me and my husband release thoughts, behavioral patterns, and emotions that used to hold us back and cause conflict in our lives. We’ve learned to “do the YOU turn” and dig deeply into the truth of our reactions and actions.


    Following Robin’s guidance and working with our homeopath has served us all during times of illness and have kept us well. If you're looking for comprehensive healing, Robin will guide you to the keys to unlock your emotional, physical and spiritual truth - R from New Fairfield, CT

    I always feel like I am in the right hands when I am with her

    Robin Miller has been an inspiring force in my life now for 10 years. Her scope of knowledge, her depth of understanding, and her love of her work shines through in every moment. Robin has a gentle and sure way of guidance, wisdom, and intuition that evokes a real sense of calm and ease. She is well studied and stable and has loads of compassion – C from Katonah, NY

    My mind was a dark cloud around that memory, after speaking with Robin I could see a new perspective on it.

    Robin has helped me heal in so many amazing ways. After suffering from HELLP syndrome (preeclampsia), I delivered my son and we spent 36 days in the NICU. I was overcome with anxiety. My primary care doctor sent me to a phycologist, who diagnosed me with PTSD and anxiety. I was prescribed several different medicines, yet a month into taking them, my body wasn’t reacting well.


    I’m not a fan of pharmaceuticals, so when I heard about Robin’s approach to healing through food, herbs and supplements, I knew her approach was right for me. I changed my diet to follow Medical Medium, concentrating on removing heavy metals and toxins from my body. Within a week I could feel a huge change in my mind, body, and soul.


    The thought field therapy has also helped me. After one session I was able to release the negative and sad thoughts around my NICU experience. My mind was a dark cloud around that memory and after speaking with Robin, I could see a new perspective on it.


    Within a few months, I was working with medical professionals to slowly decrease my medications. At this point, I have been without medication for over a year! I thank Robin for supporting my healing!


    The nutritional and lifestyle changes have brought many benefits. I have lost 70 lbs by following Medical Medium information. My blood pressure is the lowest it has ever been. And my face is acne free. Robin is an amazing healer and influencer. I am very grateful for her.

    E from upstate NY

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